Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Sleep Wristband

Fitbit Flex Daily Activity

Fitbit's new Flex Wireless Activity band is now available for purchase and comes with a horde of awesome new features. The new LED lights allow you to look at your daily activity anytime and anywhere, and they light up just like a big game scoreboard each time you get 20% closer to your chosen goal. Two simple tap on the screen pulls up your progress towards your mail goal, and two quick taps stops activity or sleep tracking. The slim wireless band comes in eight vibrant colors and black or grey so you can wear your Flex with any outfit. Tory Burch accessories are also available for your Fitbit Flex for a more stylish and modern look.

Sweat, rain, and random splashes of water won't affect the Fitbit Flex, and the makers of the new band have ensured the flexible material can withstand random bouts of water that come with daily activity. However, showering and swimming with the Fitbit is not recommended as it cannot take that much water without sustaining severe damage. If your Flex happens to get a bit damp due to sweat you can simply remove the band, pat it with a towel, and lay it out to dry for a few minutes. Though the Flex comes with a standard battery that can last five whole days without being charged it's smart to charge your Flex during down time for an hour or two just to ensure your daily tracking can continue without a hiccup. The Flex comes with a charging charging port that doubles as a USB cord to sync your Flex with your computer manually if needed.

To keep up with the active lifestyle and on the go mindset in today's society the Flex has been designed to wirelessly sync with tablets, phones, and computers in a twenty foot range. As long as the computer has internet access and a USB port the Flex can sync while you're cleaning the house, getting the kids ready for school, or finishing breakfast before work. Syncing with a phone is an easy one step process, all you need to do is turn on your phones Bluetooth and viola! You've got all your information in one place and you can compete in challenges with friends, log food, see your progress, and earn badges for completing goals.

Sleep Activity

What makes the Flex different from other bands is the sleep tracking system included in the Flex model. While diet and exercise are key factors in staying slim and healthy a good night's sleep is a component often forgotten. When sleep mode is activated your Fitbit Flex will monitor how much and how well you sleep each night. Instead of waking up to a loud phone alarm or sudden jolt the Fitbit Flex alarm gently vibrates to arouse you peacefully from your slumber. The pliant material of the Flex fits perfectly against your body no matter what position you sleep in and won't break beneath the your body pressure.

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